Type: International Research Project, 2008 to 2011

Contact: Giorgio Saio, GISIG

Abstract: NATURE-SDIplus aims at establishing a Best Practice Network dealing with a cluster of the data themes listed in the Annexes I and III of the INSPIRE Directive and focused on the nature conservation issues. The project seeks to improve harmonization of national datasets and make them more accessible and exploitable.

Figure 1: Data harmonization process in NatureSDIplus

Data harmonization process in NatureSDIplus follows a five-step process as shown in the figure above. A set of data transformation tools have been used in the project to perform data harmonization. One such tool is the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor (HALE), which is a transformation tool that allows creating the output data model in the proper formats, attributes, coordinate system, units, etc. from a source data model. The HALE tool plays important role and was used in two steps within this process, namely:
  • Step 1 - Identifying the source model: Even though there were no source data models specifically available for most of the dataset, the HALE tool plays an important role in displaying and exploring the source data model.
  • Step 4 - Performing transformation and storing the transformation rules: The HALE tool enabled loading the input and output data models (xsd and WFS); mapping between source and target data models; validation of the transformation processes and finally storage of the transformations.

Figure 2: A comparison of tools used for data transformation within the NatureSDI-plus project

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