Headless build

With the transition to the Maven Tycho based build building HALE has become quite easy (previously the build was based on Eclipse PDE Build and among other things required a local Eclipse installation with certain plugins installed).
All you need is at least Java 7 installed on your system, with the JAVA_HOME system variable set correctly.
Then you can use the build.sh or build.bat in the build folder to build HALE, e.g.:

./build.sh product HALE

This builds HALE for your operating system and architecture. Created artifacts a placed in the build/target folder.
You can specify a specific operating system and architecture like this (in this case Windows 64 bit):

./build.sh product --arch x86_64 --os windows HALE

The WiX Toolset can be installed in addition to produce MSI installers for Windows.
Instead of the product alias HALE you can also specify a relative path to a product definition file.

Building all bundles and performing Unit tests in .test bundles can be run like this:

./build.sh commitStage

Unit test results will be available in build/target/testReports.

For more information please check the build script help:

./build.sh help