Abstract: The ESDIN project is conducted by EuroGeographics and involves both National Mapping and Cadatral Agencies and technology providers, it begun in 2008 and will end by February 2011. This project aims to make Eurogeographics products compliant with INSPIRE annex I specication for themes Administrative Units, Cadastral Parcels, Geographic Names, Hydrography and Transport and to develop various kinds of services, such as download, transformation (schema, coordinate, generalisation, edge-matching) and quality checking. The project also aims to set up a network for exchange of best practices.

Of course, the schema transformation has been a key issue of the ESDIN project. The possibility to use HALE and possibly CST to define, to document and to run the transformation rules between source and target schema has been investigated.

During a joint meeting (23/02/2010), the following issues were identified:

  • HALE - CST worked with source schema and data in GML whereas mosts NMCAs have only data in GIS formats and no formal description of the schemas. This first point was solved by the experience of the Humboldt scenarios that met the same issues. Different tools were tested to get GML schemas and data; WFS was considered as the most efficient one for doing so.
  • some transformation functions might be missig in HALE. This second point is common to all transformation tools. Moreover, as HALE is open-source, missing functions may be developped and shared by the user community set up by the Humboldt project.
  • the transformation rules were supplied in OML (Ontology Mapping Language) and so executable only by CST whereas NMCAs might be willing to use another tool than CST for running the transformation and also required the transformation rules to be supplied in a human-readable form. This third point was solved by the Humboldt Development Team and by partner 1 Spatial who offered other formats to provide transformation rules (RIF, XSLT and HTML). Unfortunately, the last developments of HALE came too late to be widely tested and used by the ESDIN project.

Moreover, several presentations of HALE took place during ESDIN meetings, using EuroGeographics products as source data. These presentations were an opportunity both to enlarge the testing of Humboldt tools and to raise awareness about them. The sharing of experience related to schema translation is part of the exchange of best practice between partners and user community of the ESDIN project.