Developer documentation for the Alignment Editor

This article provides basic information useful to people who would like to analyse the source code and develop extensions to it.

up to version 2.1.1, Subversion repository, deprecated


Please read this article on HALE Architecture if you are interested in the architecture of HALE. There is also an article on the most important Extension Points if you want to add new Features to HALE.

System Environment and Building

If you would like to build HALE from the source code, you need to have the following environment set up:

Checking out and building HALE versions later than 1.0.0

  1. First, start eclipse in a new workspace.
  2. Second, check out the target platform project for HALE from this location:
  3. After checking out, double click the file. Eclipse will now resolve/download all required dependencies, which can take quite long (between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet conenction and of the eclipse servers at the given point in time) but only has to hapen once. When the resolution process is done, press the button labelled "Set as target platform" in the upper right corner.
  4. Now, check out the actual HALE and CST modules as plug-in projects:
    1. eu.esdihumboldt.hale:
    2. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.gmlparser:
    3. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.htmlexporter:
    4. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.logback.config:
    5. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.instanceprovider:
    6. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.rcp.wizards.functions.core:
    7. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.schemaprovider:
    8. eu.esdihumboldt.transformer.cst:
    9. eu.esdihumboldt.cst.corefunctions:
    10. eu.esdihumboldt.gmlhandler:
  5. You can also check out these third-party modules as plug-in projects:
    1. com.onespatial.jrc.tns.oml.rif.translator
    2. com.onespatial.jrc.tns.oml.rif.translator.test
    3. com.onespatial.jrc.tns.rif.exporter
  6. In the hale project, you should now be able to double-click on the HALE.product file and launch the application from there.
There are two subprojects which are currently not maintained:
  1. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.eap2uml - Enterprise Architect to ecore UML converter and schema provider
  2. eu.esdihumboldt.hale.rcp.wizards.functions.generic - Generic Function Wizard

Note 1: If you plan to build you own installables, check out the contents of the hale-build subproject.
Note 2: The projects "Client" and "eu.esdihumboldt.hale.log4j.config" are deprecated.