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The wiki for this project contains the following information:

Scope of the Alignment Editor

For information and documentation on HALE versions up to 2.1.2 have a look here.

User documentation


User documentation is available

Integration with other applications

Developer documentation

Get started

Developer Tutorial

  • Slides (Tutorial held at FOSS4G CEE 2012)
  • Introduction to architecture and core models
  • List of extension points
  • Examples on extending HALE
    • Creating a custom transformation function
    • Adding support for an additional import/export format

Tips & tricks

FreeGIS_Workshop_Bozen_Session_2_-_HALE___CST_EN_2011-06-14.pdf - Overview presentatiton on HALE and CST (2.9 MB) Thorsten Reitz, 03/27/2012 01:54 pm

IntroPresentation.pdf (730.7 kB) Thorsten Reitz, 06/24/2013 02:52 pm